I have written a number of books varous modeling subjects. A description of these books is shown below.

MDA Explained

MDA Explained gives a complete overview of the Model Driven Architecture.

Model Driven Architecture

Model Driven Architecture is a major innovation in the field of software development. It is a framework for software development, in which modeling is the key part. Within MDA the software development process is driven by ... more ...

Praktisch UML 5de editie

Praktisch UML is a Dutch book, therefore this page is only available in Dutch.

Praktisch UML is het Nederlandstalige standaardwerk over UML. Geschreven door Jos Warmer en Anneke Kleppe, mede-auteurs van de UML standaard.

Praktisch UML is een handleiding voor het toepassen van de Unified Modeling Language (UML), de standaard ... more ...

The Object Constraint Language

The Object Constraint Language - Getting Your Models Ready for MDA, is the book on OCL. OCL is the standard constraint language for UML and especially popular at the meta modeling level. The author, Jos Warmer, is the chief architect of OCL.

The Object Constraint Language - Getting Your Models Ready for ... more ...