Model Driven Development

Model Driven Development is defined as automation of software development by use of models.


There often is confusion about the meaning of Model Driven Development. We make a clear distinction between Model Based Development and Model Driven Development.

Model Driven Development (MDD)

MDD is software development where software is ... more ...

Domein Specific Languages

Model driven development is usually based on so-called Domain Specific Languages. Such a language is specially developed to enable high expressive power in a chosen domain.

Horizontal versus vertical DSL

A horizontal DSL is a DSL that has a technical domain. As these are technical DSLs, they are usually used ... more ...

MDD Advantages

The most successful way of doing model driven development is through the use of domain specific languages (DSL), with an integrated code generator. A DSL is a language specifically designed for a domain, using the terminology of the domain experts as concepts in the language. Advantages of use a DSL ... more ...