We can help you to develop your own Domain Specific Language for your own technical or business domain. If you do not know whether a domain specific language might be useful for your company, we will start with a feasibility study to see in what areas of your company domain specific modeling makes sense. We then investigate, together with your experts, whether the benefits makes it worth to invest in it.

Developing a DSL includes many different aspects:

  • Modeling the domain, which we always do together with your experts, because they know your domain best.
  • Selecting the syntax used for the DSL. This can be either textual syntax, a graphical syntax, or a combination of both.
  • Developing the tooling needed to work effectively with the DSL. We usually do this in an iterative and incremental way to get feedback as early as possible.
  • Embedding the use of domain specific modeling into you organization, both from an organizational, as well as a technical point of view.
  • Training of users to use the DSL.

You can find examples of we developed in the Projects section of this site.

If you are interested, you can contact Jos Warmer and we can discuss the possibilities.