Model driven development without tools is like a carpenter without a hammer: you will not achieve much! We want to stress the fact that if you are using DSLs to improve your software development you must have proper tooling jn place.

There is quite a nice palette of tools available , and the choice depends on the context inm which you want to use these tools. Examples of tools are:

The Eclipse modeling tools is a complete collection of open source modeling tools based on the Eclipse platform. We contribute to these tools. E.g. Jos Warmer is one of the main contributors to the Spray open source project, while our business partner Itemis is main contributor of EMF, Xtext, Xtend and also Spray to name a few. We have extensive experience in using these and other Eclipse based tools.

One of the advantages of Eclipse based tooling is that it can be integrated with other Eclipse based tools,. This results in one comprehensive environment for all software development activities. In case business users need to be shielded from all of the Eclipse complexities, the DSL tools can also be packaged as a standalone product that supports only the DSLs needed for the business